Simple Beauty – The Harp



There is a simple beauty to the harp and those who enjoy its special sound!! You are one of those special people if you have found this page in your travels for beautiful music. The Concert Grand harp has some unique qualities all on its own unlike any instrument on this earth.  With 42 strings, 6 1/2 octives, and a full set of 7 pedals for key changes….the possibilities are endless.

For example, 4 strings can have  the same tone, with a F# and a Eb paired with a B# and a Cb to produce the pent. scale of oriental flowing music in the musical key of F. People have asked me what I think is the most special aspect about the harp, and I always tell them it is in the freedom to soar above the clouds on the wings of sound.

There is a feeling that gravity and time are suspended and arrested upon each note that fills the atmosphere. Never rushed, and yet right on time. Just close your eyes and listen and let the harp take you on a wonderful journey together with those you love.